A beverage for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Sparkling water, hard seltzer, and alkaline water beverages all naturally essenced with botanicals, adaptogens, terpenes, and flavonoids. So you can get the most out of life no matter the occasion.


Natural ingredients for natural balance and energy

All of our beverages begin with a base consisting of different combinations of botanicals and adaptogens to guide the benefits for each specific formula. Terpenes are introduced to complement the formula and amplify the natural benefits. Finally, flavonoids are added into the mix to fully purify the body. All together they enhance your enjoyment on life through mindfulness and wellness.


Plant-derived additives that provide natural essence for a physiological enhancement.


Holistic herbs that support the body’s natural ability to improve one’s well-being.


Organic plant compounds that provide a spectrum of therapeutic benefits.


Natural fruit and vegetable extracts that help cleanse the body of everyday toxins. 

Sparkling Water

A good times tonic made with a blend of natural essences to keep your mind at ease and your body moving on to your next adventure for the day.

Lemon Blood orange
watermelon mint
mango ginger

Hard Seltzer

A refreshing blend infused with alcohol and holistic vibes to ensure you are perfectly balanced to party hard and not be partied out.

cucumber lime
grapefruit vanilla
pear basil
melon strawberry

Alkaline Water

An everyday elixir amplified with specific essences to create a focused effect so you maximize every moment and own every day.


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It’s time
to live up life

Good morning, noon, and night. It’s time to start the festivities. The guest list is over seven billion and we’re about to live it up. So, cheers. Here’s to tiny victories, impulsive decisions, and time lost in thought. And here’s to you. May your days be sunny and your nights dreamy.

Times weren’t always good and they won’t always be. But the dark days and hard nights we’ve seen have led us to today. When adversity became ambition and closed minded became open-hearted, we became Jivati. We’re not a cure-all or a magic potion. We’re a choice to live on the bright side. We’re incremental changes leading to greener pastures.

We’re a tall glass of just what the soul ordered, crafted to match your mood. Relax, focus, energize, destress – whatever flavor the moment requires, we’ve got you covered. This is your ride, we’re just here to improve the view. So even though today may just be another day, it’s your day. And to us, that’s reason for celebration.

Cheers to you.

Our mission is to inspire every person to enjoy a happy life every day.

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